Eric Hui, CEO, Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong)

Innovation for the Hong Kong market

Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong) merges customer-focused values with innovative product development

The judges of the BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards are delighted to name Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong) as Company of the Year. This well-deserved win, a first for Zurich, reflects an absolute focus on both broker and customer service, together with a relentless drive to innovate. It also echoes Zurich’s thorough understanding of the local market and its desire to develop products that are in tune with the needs of the Hong Kong people.

Zurich’s CEO Eric Hui observed: “To win this award we have to be all-rounders, not only from a management perspective but also in our commitment to the market and our customers.” He continued, “Everything we do is guided by our core values that have sustained our company throughout the years.”

Core Values

Hui went on to explain that integrity is crucial: “Our customers must have faith in us, and we have to ensure that the business complies local and international regulations. This trust can only be achieved if we continually strive for excellence in the development of innovative product solutions and industry-leading customer service.”

“Being customer-centric is essential, and we regularly talk with our customers and learn what they need,” noted Hui. “But in saying that, we are not insular; we are aware of the bigger picture and want to make sure that the wider community benefits from our activities.”


Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong)’s team stood proud for the company’s honors this year, including the crown jewel—-the Company of the Year title


Hui expanded on this theme and looked at the wider society: “We also look at how a family is defined. For us, it is no longer as simple as a husband a wife. Instead, our definition is wider and includes same-sex partnerships. Everyone needs some form of cover, and it is not in our nature to exclude – we do not like to disappoint.”

He also pointed out that: “Zurich is also an inclusive employer – people are happy to work here because of our flexible approach to their needs. We make sure that our managers are well-trained and continually check to see if our employees are fully engaged. Because we operate in a global context, we can also mobilize our talents – teachers and mentors – to help elevate our people to the next level.”

Hui then turned to Zurich’s shareholders: “Technical discipline in our investment strategy is strictly upheld so we can deliver the best possible profit. Ultimately we try to do our very best with the things I have mentioned, which I am sure has helped us to win the Company of the Year Award.”

Overwhelmingly Positive

The success of Zurich’s approach has led to the firm being honored with three 2016 focused awards: two product awards (Preferred Choice and HealthAngel) and one for Broker Support Team of the Year. Customer and market feedback for Preferred Choice’s flexible, mix-and-match style of benefit selection has been very positive.

“Sometimes, products for consumers can be over-packaged,” explained Hui. “The Preferred Choice Plan makes it easy for our brokers to help customers analyze their needs and pick the combination that works best for them. Personally, I have gone through the process myself and found the product selection quite easy to follow.”

One-Stop Protection

Zurich also won the award for Medical Insurance Product with its pioneering HealthAngel ‘one-policy, multiple-protection’ plan. The product is tailor-made to tackle specific, very common health problems in Hong Kong – and that it is set at a price point the mid-market can afford, which makes it more remarkable. As Hui explains it, “HealthAngel emerged from what we call the Zurich Community, which is our ongoing study of the local market and commitment to developing products that serve the customers of Hong Kong.”

Notable Highlights

These simply structured, easily understood products not only appeal to customers, but they also tap into the desire among Hong Kong regulators for simplicity, further demonstrating how in tune Hui and his team are with the way the industry is moving.

Other recent developments highlighted by Hui include FlexiCare, which is a multi-solution group medical benefit for small and medium-sized companies. He also made a particular reference to the innovation made with the launch of Pacific, which is “An investment-linked product with insurance protection – the best of both worlds.” Lastly, i-Gen Baby, designed to protect expectant mothers and assure the healthy growth of the baby once it is born.

Multi-Layer Support

From a broker perspective, Zurich Hong Kong offers a multi-layer support mechanism to its network of brokers that provides them with everything they need to make the customer happy. This two-step model consists of a business development team to bring on new customers, and a relationship management team to look after existing ones.

Within the business development group, there’s also an underwriting team and a sales support team, and the relationship management unit, backed by a claims team and a customer care team. So there is a complete array of resources and support from Zurich to help brokers look after their customers and help them close cases. “These teams are crucial,” Hui says. “For example, we aim to settle most claim requests within seven to fourteen days. On average we achieve this, as it is our commitment to our customers. For customer care, we have an enormous amount of inquiries from customers, so it is not an easy task, but we aim to resolve general to more complex/technical inquiries within two to four days, and policy servicing transaction requests within ten days. We have a quality assurance program to ensure that we are delivering the level of service we want to provide our brokers and customers.”

Zurich also has a global helpdesk, to help with any tricky questions regarding overseas regulations or laws.

Platform Development

Zurich has also developed two online platforms: the Zurich Advisor Portal (ZAP) and Zurich International Online (ZIO). ZAP, the first such online platform in the Hong Kong market, allows brokers to find all the information they need about Zurich products, register customer profiles and most importantly generate quotations for customers. ZIO supports the relationship management group and provides customer care; the online portal is updated with the latest policy information and service requests so that brokers and customers can look at account information at the same time.BM Icon







…我們視野絶不狹窄; 我們亦會留意宏觀


《指標》財富管理大獎的評審欣然評定 蘇 黎 世 保 險 ( 香 港 ) 為 本 年 度 最 佳 公 司。蘇黎世首次贏得此項殊榮,反映公 司的實力雄厚,致力提供經紀及客戶服 務,以及其持續創新的精神。此項殊榮 亦彰顯蘇黎世對本地市場的深入了解, 以 及 對 開 發 切 合 港 人 需 要 產 品 的 一 貫 堅持。

蘇黎世保險(香港)行政總裁許金桂指 出:「要贏得此項大獎,我們必須要全 方位發展,不單由管理層的觀點出發, 更要堅守我們對市場和客戶的承諾。我們 以公司的核心價值制定經營模式,令本 公司持續取得成功。」


許金桂進一步解釋誠信的重要性:「客戶 對我們有信心,而我們須確保所有業務 均遵循本地和國際規例。我們亦要持續 開發優質創新產品解決方案和提供優於 同業的客戶服務,方可與客戶建立互信 關係。」

許金桂指出:「以客為本至關重要 , 我們 定期與客戶交流,聆聽他們的需要,當 然,我們的視野絶不狹窄,我們亦會留意 大環境,確保公司業務可令廣大社群受 惠。」

許金桂以這個理念為基礎,放眼整體社 會。他闡述:「對我們來說,家庭不再 只局限為一對夫婦。因此我們擴闊了家 庭的定義,將同性伴侶包括在內。所有 人都需要保險保障,我們致力推廣多元 共融,讓更多人得到保障。」

許金桂亦指出:「蘇黎世是一間重視共 容的公司。僱員工作開心,是因為我們 會以靈活的方法滿足他們的需要,我們 確保眾經理接受充分培訓,持續激勵僱 員全心全意投入工作。由於我們的經營 規模覆蓋全球,令我們可靈活調配人力 資源(老師和導師),進而提升各地僱 員的水平。」

許金桂繼而講述如何為蘇黎世股東帶來 回報:「我們嚴格遵守公司投資策略的 技 術 性 規 定 , 好 使 我 們 能 帶 來 最 佳 回 報,而我們也將為此繼續努力。我相信 亦是這份努力令我們贏得年度企業大獎 – 保險業。」


蘇黎世的成功經營,為其贏得2016三大 焦點獎項:兩項產品大獎「智選人生」 計劃及「三高保」醫療保險計劃以及年 度經紀支援團隊大獎。「智選人生」計 劃的靈活性和自選投保組合深受客戶和 市場歡迎。

許金桂解釋:「很多時產品都被過份包 裝,而我們的『智選人生』計劃有助經 紀協助客戶分析他們的需要,揀選最合 適的組合。我自已也體驗了組合揀選程 序,其實真是挺容易的。」


蘇黎世創新的「三高保」醫療保險計劃 提供的是「一份保單、多重保障」,贏 得年度醫療保險產品大獎。保險計劃乃 針對香港特有且常見的健康問題而設, 中 端 市 場 普 遍 可 負 擔 的 價 格 更 為 該 計 劃的優勢錦上添花。許金桂說道:「『 三高保』以我們的『蘇黎世社區』為基 礎,而蘇黎世社區就是我們對本地市場 的持續研究,也是我們為香港客戶設計 產品的承諾。」


結構簡單、容易理解的產品不單受客戶 歡迎,更符合香港監管機構對簡單產品 的期望,正好完美示範許金桂和團隊如 何配合行業趨勢。

許金桂亦提及其他近期的發展,包括讓中小型公司為僱員提供多項醫療保障的「智識揀」僱員醫療保險計劃。另外,許金桂指出「翱翔人生計劃」正好展現公司的創新意念,其為一個結合投資和保 險 的 雙 用 途 產 品 。 最 後 , 他 亦 介 绍了專為保障懷孕媽媽和寶寶健康成長而設的「孕寶保」手術現金保險計劃。


從經紀的觀點出發,蘇黎世香港為旗下 經紀制訂全方位支援機制,為他們提供 一站式服務,滿足客戶需要。這個營運 模式由業務開發團隊和客戶關係管理團 隊組成;前者引入新客戶,後者則致力 服務現有客戶。

業務開發團隊旗下包括承保團隊及銷售 支援團隊;而客戶關係管理團隊則由索 償團隊及客戶服務團隊提供支援。蘇黎 世為眾經紀分配了大量資源和支援,令 他們可為客戶提供貼心服務,協助他們 取得全面保障。許金桂說:「這些團隊 是關鍵所在。舉例而言,我們的目標是 在 七 至 十 四 天 內 完 成 大 多 數 的 索 償 申 請。我們一般均可達標,這是我們對客 戶的承諾。就客戶服務而言,我們接獲 的客戶查詢可謂排山倒海,確實是一項 挑戰,但我們的目標是在兩至四天內解 答一般以及較複雜/技術性的查詢,以 及在十天內完成保單服務申請。蘇黎世 設有品質保證方案,確保提供予經紀及 客戶的服務達致一定水平。」



蘇黎世已設立兩個網上平台:「蘇黎世顧問 網 站 」及「 蘇 黎 世 國 際 網 絡 平 台 」。蘇 黎世顧問網站是香港市場上的首個此類 型的網上平台,讓經紀可取得有關蘇黎 世產品的所有資料和已登記客戶資料。 更重要的是,經紀可利用平台為客戶報 價。蘇黎世國際網絡平台為客戶關係管 理團隊提供支援,亦提供客戶服務。該 網上平台定時更新有關保單的最新資料 及服務要求,讓經紀和客戶可同時查閱 賬戶資料。BM Icon