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All-round support for the Hong Kong market

Sun Life has been operating in Hong Kong since 1892, and it is this long-standing commitment to the region that has resulted in success with the insurer picking up three awards, including the Critical Illness product award, Broker Support Team award and Best Digital Marketing award.

Although Sun Life is renowned as a market-leader in comprehensive whole-life/savings products, the insurer has also developed new products that have proved disruptive in the critical illness space. In 2016, Sun Life launched two innovative insurance products – SunHealth UltraCare and SunHealth MaxiCare – that provide life-long coverage for a total of 132 critical illnesses and additional coverage for illnesses related to cancer, heart, stroke and diabetes.

New to Hong Kong

Both products include features that are unique or new to Hong Kong. For instance, both products offer an “Early Stage Booster Benefit” which allows clients to claim 25% of the original sum assured, a maximum of twice from designated four early stage critical illnesses. Also, SunHealth MaxiCare offers up to 10 times the original sum assured coverage.

“We are not simply offering products; we are offering propositions that we believe are market leading and serve as the new benchmark, with the following key features: a competitive premium, comprehensive protection and unique features that are not offered elsewhere in the market,” said Jeremy Young, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited.

The products also offer flexible premium payment terms of 5 to 25 years. Premium terms as short as five years are seldom offered in the market, and these payment options give clients maximum flexibility when planning for their financial future. Since launch, these two products have seen rapid customer acceptance and are widely viewed as driving other insurers to develop new critical illness products.

360-Degree Marketing

“To support the new proposition, we established a comprehensive 360-degree marketing promotion, incorporating both promotional and educational elements to help people understand the importance of good coverage. Innovative wellness programs, like our unique “Take Action for your Health” initiative also integrates seamlessly with this product offering, providing clients not only with financial protection against adverse health events but opportunities to improve their health outcomes.” added Young.

Since launch on 15 March 2016, a total of 4,261 policies were purchased with annualized first-year premiums, as of 30 July 2016. According to Sun Life, the plans are the leading product in its agency channel, with 34% of the total new business sales for Sun Life Hong Kong, while sales from its broker channel have also seen increasing momentum.

Jeremy Young, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited

Streamlining Communications

Sun Life has also been recognized for its broker support team at this year’s awards. By building strong partnerships with brokers developed from its “Winning Approach” framework – a bespoke broker support framework to ensure that Sun Life stands out in the market – Sun Life is able to create opportunities and maximize sales for its business partners by embracing their aspirations and nurturing a team culture.

Given that each broker has their own business models, business practices, product strategy and customer segmentation, Sun Life’s Business Development Team has been providing tailored product and service solutions for each broker firm, and it is here where their innovativeness has been fully demonstrated.

Sun Life has developed comprehensive platform online to streamline pre-and post-sales service for brokers and strengthen the support for clients. For instance, a web-based proposal system named Sun-Pro: policy approval status tracking and premium payment schedule available for checking on Sun Life intranet. They all help speed up Sun Life response to partner needs to achieve distributor and client-service excellence. As a result, policy approval lead-time has been reduced to T+2 working days while response times for phone inquiries are within T+0.5 working days.

The Business Development Team has also implemented a streamlined communication channel with its brokers, including frequent visits to brokers to carry out consultant meetings, product briefings, onsite support and workshops. It also offers digital communications to brokers, such as newsletters (i.e. News Flashes, Hot Tips, Daily Express) via email on both regular and an ad-hoc basis. Sun Life was also the first insurer in Hong Kong to set up a designated webpage for brokers ( Product launch events and relationship-building events including festive celebration parties, partner luncheons, and charity runs have also been organized on a regular basis.

A Complete Strategy

Sun Life has also been recognized for its expertise in digital marketing. To tap rising demand for health and accident insurance in Asia due to an aging of population, Sun Life has launched a complete digital marketing strategy to tap into this customer segment. Part of the strategy includes the launch of a health and accident (H&A) product suite and a social media campaign to generate awareness and create buzz.

Differentiating Sun Life from its competitors, the company connects with customers on mobile platforms and social media to create awareness and increase customer engagement. The campaign has been rolled out in three Asian markets: Hong Kong, Philippines and Indonesia. Its objectives are to raise customer awareness on the consequences of illness and accidents on various life stages, identify their needs and develop an ice-breaking tool for advisers to engage on H&A with customers.

Play To Win

As part of the marketing execution of the campaign, the team utilized a “gamification approach” with multimedia content on social media to promote the product launch. The “SunHealth Quest” campaign was the first gamification approach in Asia and featured customer education tools over social media, adviser tools for customer engagement in client meetings and product information and a basic medical expense calculator on mobile phones. Sun Life also launched an “Adventure Game” with 4-levels with different scenarios which utilized eye-catching creative design and humor.

Digital marketing for Sun Life has also been integrated across various channels including mobile marketing, on Sun Life’s Facebook page, via apps available on mobile/tablet platforms (Android and iOS), a LINE promotion for mobile apps and viral animation on its YouTube channel. For example, followers and customers were invited to participate in a Facebook game where they received a promotional code after answering a quick Q&A relating to the short animation. As such, Sun Life was able to engage its customer base and leverage on the huge customer base on Facebook.

Flora wong, Vice President, Financial Intermediaries, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited

Sun Life also found that the launch of the mobile campaign has led to increased customer interaction and general awareness of health-related insurance products. Survey results from advisers also indicated that over 80% of clients are willing to listen and learn more about the product after downloading mobile apps, Facebook engagement on health-related topics increased by 120% and lead generation on company website increased by 120%.

According to Sun Life’s Young, the digital marketing campaign provided key lessons for the company, including that consumer mobile apps are an effective way to promote new products and the company, and it allows the firm to understand feedback and results from the campaign in a scientific way. Sun Life’s company image and agency engagement were also uplifted with the launch of the mobile and social media campaign, where the brand became younger and energized with a new presence on digital and social media.BM Icon

全面啟動 香港市場


自1892年起,永明金融已經立足香港。公司多年來始終如一,扎根本地。而正是這 份 矢 志 植 根 本 土 的 承 諾 , 為 其 囊 括三大獎項,包括危疾保險產品大獎、中介支援團隊大獎、以及年度最佳數碼市場推廣應用大獎。



兩種產品之特點在香港均屬全新或獨一無 二 。 例 如 兩 者 都 具 備 「 早 期 額 外 保障」,為投保人就四種早期危疾索償提供 最多兩次原有保障額25%之額外賠償,而「永明危疾「至尊」保」更可提供原有保障額十倍之保障。







今 年 的 頒 獎 禮 亦 肯 定 了 永 明 金 融 中 介支 援 團 隊 的 工 作 表 現 。 永 明 可 通 過 其領 先 對 手 的 中 介 支 援 架 構 W i n n i n g Approach,提升業務夥伴士氣,培養團隊精神,從而並肩共創業務新猷,促進商機。永明金融的業務發展團隊有鑑於每家中介都有自己的業務模式、業務運作方式、產品策略以及客戶分佈,故發揮最大創意,為每家中介度身訂造最適用於其情況的產品及服務方案。


與此同時,業務發展團隊亦能够以更精簡的溝通渠道與中介人保持聯繫,包括經常訪問中介人以展開咨詢會議、提供產 品 簡 介 、 臨 場 支 援 、 及 舉 辦 工 作 坊等 。 另 外 , 公 司 亦 會 通 過 電 子 方 式 與中介保持聯繫,如定期或按情況經電郵發出通訊(如新聞、小貼士、每日快訊等)。永明金融也是香港第一家為中介設立專用網頁(的保險商。此外,公司亦經常舉辦各類產品發佈會,以及其他活動如節慶聚會、夥伴午餐會及慈善長跑等以促進彼此關係。


永明金融在數碼推廣上的成績早為人所肯定。亞洲地區因人口老化問題,對健康及意外保險之需求大為增加,公司對症下藥,為這一部份顧客度身訂造一套全面的數碼推廣策略,其中包括推出健康及意外 (health and accident, H&A)

為進一步領先同業,永明金融積極開拓手機及社交媒體渠道與客戶連繫,以促進形 象 及 增 加 顧 客 互 動 。 活 動 在 香 港 、菲律賓及印尼三個亞洲市場展開,希望提高客戶意識,認識人生不同階段的疾病及意外所帶來的影響,找出其需要,並為顧問發展一套「破冰」工具協助他們與客戶就H&A打開話題。


而為了進一步強化整個宣傳攻勢,團隊更為所有社交媒體內容實行「遊戲化」以作產品推廣。SunHealth Quest 宣傳活動正是首度在亞洲推出之遊戲化活動,當中包括應用社交媒體的客戶教育工具、會面時與客戶互動的顧問工具、產品資
訊 , 以 至 手 機 版 基 本 醫 療 支 出 計 算 機等。永明亦推出一個有四個關卡,具多種不同情景,兼備搶眼創新設計及幽默內容的冒險遊戲。

除 此 以 外 , 永 明 金 融 的 數 碼 推 廣 更 遍及 不 同 渠 道 , 如 流 動 推 廣 、 永 明 金 融之 F a c e b o o k 頁 面 , 手 機 及 平 板 電 腦〈Android及iOS〉應用程式、手機程式LINE上之宣傳,和YouTube官網上之動畫等等。例如網民及客戶只需在公司Facebook遊戲中就一段卡通短片回答簡短問題,便可獲得一個推廣碼。藉此,永明金融便可與Facebook上之龐大用戶群互動無間。


永明金融楊濟民指出,公司由數碼推廣活動中學到寶貴一課。如手機應用程式是宣傳公司和推廣新產品的好幫手,而公司亦可藉此有系統地了解活動的回饋意見及成效。流動宣傳活動及社交媒體推廣亦令永明金融的形象大幅提升,與屬下代理交流更趨緊密。整個品牌變得更年輕,在數碼及社交媒體上讓人耳目一新BM Icon