Lee Wood, Chief Executive Officer, MetLife Hong Kong

In competitive industries like insurance, particularly in mature markets such as Hong Kong, innovative products alone do not guarantee success to gain and sustain market share. To be successful, companies must also develop effective marketing strategies to acquire new customers and build a loyal relationship with existing ones. As a winner of eight awards, MetLife Hong Kong continues to demonstrate that it has the marketing prowess to match its industry-leading range of insurance solutions.

In particular, the industry continues to stand up and take notice of MetLife Hong Kong’s use of digital platforms to innovate and help enhance the overall customer experience. These efforts were recognized with the award of Best-in-Class Digital Marketing; the second successive year in which MetLife Hong Kong has claimed the accolade.

Marketing on The Move

The over-arching theme running through MetLife Hong Kong’s advertising strategy is how MetLife partners with customers to help them navigate their changing world. The company has used a range of emotional mobile and social media platforms in order to convey this message, effectively reaching target markets in a cost-effective manner.

Smartphone and social media penetration levels in Hong Kong are among the highest in the world. A focused approach to social media marketing, therefore, makes sense locally.

Leveraging Google’s search, display and video usage data have enabled MetLife Hong Kong to pinpoint high-value customer segments and focus on its e-marketing effort. The subsequent challenge was to create engaging and tailored digital advertising content that would resonate with people’s interests, needs and aspirations. Recent marketing initiatives included the launch of the mobile-first ‘Light Up Your Dream’ brand campaign; the creation of viral social media video content, such as ‘My Dad’s Story’ and ‘Who Do You Rely On’; and the continued promotion of the Infinity App.

Effective utilization of digital channels also helped MetLife Hong Kong retain the prestigious Brand of the Year award. What was once a relatively unknown name in Hong Kong is now a well-known and differentiated brand, building a long-lasting relationship with customers. The effective execution to the firm’s marketing strategy has been an important part of this evolution.

The feel-good factor

A cornerstone of MetLife Hong Kong’s promotional effort is an emphasis on the positive aspects of life, both now and in the future which manifested in the firm’s consumer-facing brand promise: “Navigating Life Together.” Targeted marketing efforts and expenditure have been complemented by traditional media coverage, further helping to build brand awareness.

Accepting the awards, Mr. Lee Wood, Chief Executive Officer of MetLife Hong Kong, commented: “I’m proud of the innovative culture we’ve developed here and am delighted that we have again been commended for our unwavering focus on customers. As back-to-back winners of the Brand of the Year and Best-in-Class Digital Marketing awards, it’s clear that the industry continues to recognize our use of digital to drive innovation and enhance the customer experience.”

Walking The Walk, not just Talking The Talk

The insurer has also been applauded for a range of other initiatives, including its focus on corporate citizenship. In recognition of the firm’s contributions to the local community, MetLife Hong Kong has been awarded ‘Caring Company’ for five consecutive years by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. This accolade has been followed up with the award of BENCHMARK’s Corporate Citizen – Outstanding Achiever Award. The award recognized that MetLife Hong Kong continues to encourage employees to put their corporate skills to a wider use by taking part in volunteer programs, both in Hong Kong and beyond.

As well as supporting various volunteering initiatives, a fundamental component of MetLife Hong Kong’s community engagement is in the promotion of health and wellbeing. In 2016, for example, the firm partnered with the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry and sponsored the Pink Heels Race. The event helped raise awareness of hereditary cancers and promoted the importance of early detection of the disease through screening and regular self-examination. MetLife Hong Kong has also partnered with the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, supporting a long-term public awareness campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer risks and prevention methods.

Wood was humbled by the award of the Corporate Citizen – Outstanding Achiever Award: “It’s an honor to receive this award – it gives us all great encouragement that our efforts have made a real difference in the local community. You can be assured that we are looking at even more initiatives in the future, encouraging our employees to reach out to those who need the most support.”

creating a better workplace

As well as its focus on community engagement and assistance, MetLife is a proud proponent of diversity in the workforce and is committed to creating an inclusive work environment. An important part of this is its ‘Global Women’s Initiative,’ the success of which resulted in MetLife Hong Kong being awarded the Women Employer Award.

Launched in 2012, the Initiative aims to increase women representation in leadership roles across MetLife’s global business. This includes career development opportunities and skill building for women in order to strengthen leadership competencies, as well as helping all female employees to thrive and maximize their potential in the workplace.

With these goals in mind, MetLife established the Women’s Business Network in Hong Kong. The group provides a social network for female employees to develop their career and personal lives; fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment; increases employee engagement and enhances health awareness among working women. The employee-led group receives active and ongoing support from MetLife’s management team.

Looking To The future

As well as recognizing the importance of the female component of its workforce, MetLife has developed initiatives to harness the unique perspectives of younger members of staff. These initiatives were acknowledged by the judging panel, which awarded MetLife the Young People Employer Award.

Like many businesses in Asia, MetLife is investing heavily in attracting and retaining young talent. The company continues to offer a number of summer traineeships to undergraduates considering a career in the insurance industry, while the Global Leadership Development program has been developed for existing employees. This initiative aims to nurture talent and help ensure that bright young employees can reach their full potential within the firm. A range of external events has also been arranged to help the firm’s younger professionals interact with clients and strengthen their business networks.

Separately, MetLife founded the Young Emerging Asia Society, which provides a platform for the firm’s young talent to contribute ideas for future business growth by leveraging their global skills, multi-national experiences and diverse backgrounds.

Through a variety of initiatives and activities, the program supports career development and helps ensure high levels of employee engagement. Young employees have regular opportunities to share ideas, opinions and experiences with senior executives, for example. There is also a structured timetable of presentations from academics and business leaders on topics as diverse as technology and psychology. The intention is to provide the firm’s young professionals with greater insight into the business environment and to enable them to achieve their career goals.BM Icon


崛起之星 閃爍香港




香港的保險市場一向競爭激烈,僅僅在 產品上創新並不足以鞏固及佔有市場。 企業如要取得成功,必須制訂有效的市場 營銷策略,以吸納新客戶及提升現有顧客 的忠誠度。香港大都會人壽作為一個囊括 八大獎項的大贏家,正正展示了該公司 的行銷實力,一如其領先業界的保險產品 般,同樣領導群倫。

香港大都會人壽全力使用數碼平台以創新 及提升整體客戶體驗,尤其讓業界為之 注目。這些不懈努力廣獲業界認同,讓 香港大都會人壽連續兩年成功奪得「數 碼市場推廣應用」同級最佳獎。


香港大都會人壽的市場推廣始終如一地 專注於一點:大都會人壽會和客戶一起 攜手,陪伴客戶導航人生。公司會通過不 同的流動及社交媒體平台,以最具成本效 益的方式發放這一訊息至目標市場。

香港的智能手機及社交媒體滲透度均稱冠 全球,因此專注使用社交媒體是理所當 然的行銷方法。

香港大都會人壽更利用Google定位搜尋 所得的展示及視頻用量數據,精準地為 高 價 值 客 戶 群 定 位 , 及 專 注 其 數 碼 營 銷 工作。接下來最大的挑戰,便是如何 度身製作觸動人 心 的 數 碼 廣 告 內 容 , 以 迎 合 客 戶 的 口 味 、 需 要 及 期 望 。 近 期 的 市 場 推 廣 佳 作 , 就 包 括 優 先 在 流 動 平 台 上 推 出 之 「 夢 想 成 真 」 品 牌 推廣活動;製作在社交媒 體 上 瘋 傳 的 短 片 如 《 爸 爸 的 故 事 》 、 《 誰 是 您 的 依 靠 》 等 , 以 及 繼 續 推 廣 「愛無限」應用 程式。

香港大都會人壽靈活運用數碼渠道,更 讓公司繼續穩坐「年度品牌大獎」的寶 座 。這個曾在香港名不經傳的品牌現已 眾所皆知,並擁有清晰定位及取得客戶 信賴。公司有效落實其行銷策略,在品 牌發展中居功至偉。


香港大都會人壽的宣傳活動強調把握現 在,規劃未來,鼓勵大家過一個「積極 人生」,以實踐公司對客戶的品牌承諾– 「伴您導航人生」。公司以目標為本的 推廣策略及預算,結合傳統媒介推廣兩手 並進,在建立品牌知名度上無往而不利。 香港大都會人壽行政總裁胡得力先生在 接受獎項時表示:「我對公司的創新實 力,感到無比自豪;而我們對專注客戶 需要的堅持再度獲得肯定,我感到無比 欣慰。公司成功囊括年度品牌及最佳數 碼市場推廣應用同級最佳獎,足證我們 利用數碼平台推動創新及改進客戶體驗 的工作獲得業界廣泛認同。」

坐言起行, 回饋社會

除此以外,該公司更在其他方面廣受讚賞, 其中包括對成為良好企業公民的專注。 香港大都會人壽連續五年獲香港社會服 務聯會選為「商界展關懷」企業,其後 更獲頒《指標》「企業公民」傑出表現 獎。獎項表揚香港大都會人壽鼓勵員工 將在公司學到的技能,積極應用及參與 本港及海外的義工服務。

除全力支持志願工作外,香港大都會人壽 在社區上亦致力提倡生活健康平衡。如在 2016年,公司就與香港遺傳性乳癌家族 資料庫合作,並傾力贊助「粉紅高踭鞋 慈善賽」,以提高大眾對遺傳性乳癌的 認知,以及宣揚通過篩查和定期自我檢 查,從而及早發現疾病的重要性。香港 大都會人壽亦與香港乳癌基金會合作, 支持長期公共教育以提升大眾對乳癌風 險及預防方法的認識。

胡得力先生亦對公司奪得「企業公民」 傑出表現獎甚感振奮:「我們很榮幸能 夠獲得這個殊榮。這個獎項給予我們莫大 的鼓舞,肯定了我們的社區工作取得相當 成果。我可以告訴大家,我們未來還會 有更多計劃,以鼓勵我們的員工主動關懷 有需要的社群。」


除全力參與社區及伸出援手外,大都會 人壽亦相當重視工作環境的多元化,全力 締造一個和諧包容的工作環境,當中相 當重要的一環是「全球女性行動計劃」 (Global Women’s Initiative)。有關活 動的圓滿成功,更讓香港大都會人壽獲 得「女性僱主大獎」。

計劃在2012年正式推行,以讓更多女性 晉身大都會人壽全球各地業務的領導角 色,當中包括更多事業發展機會,以 培 訓 女 性 人 員 及 加 強 其 領 導 才 能 , 並讓 所有女性僱員全面發揮潛能。

為 達 到 有 關 目 標 , 公 司 在 香 港 成 立 了 Women’s Business Network(WBN) 。這個團體讓女性僱員有機會彼此加深 聯繫,以發展其事業及個人生活,同時 培育一個多元及包容的工作環境;以及 加強僱員參與度,並鼓勵職業女性關注 身心健康。大都會人壽管理層全面及持 續支持這個由僱員所主導的團體。


大都會人壽除重視女性僱員外,更重視 發掘公司年輕一代成員的獨特潛能。大會 評判為表揚該公司在這方面成績超卓,特 對其頒發年度青年僱主大獎。

大都會人壽一如其他亞洲企業,大力投 資在吸納及挽留年輕人才。公司在每年 夏季,都會向有興趣投身保險專業的大 專生提供實習名額;而公司內部員工則 有機會參與環球領袖發展計劃。這些計 劃旨在培訓人才,並讓公司中的年輕員 工能盡展才華。公司更有一連串對外活 動,讓內部年輕專才與客戶交流,藉此 鞏固其業務網絡。

另外,大都會人壽亦主倡 Young Emerging Asia Society (YEAS), 讓公司的年輕人才 可以藉著其環球技巧、國際化經驗及多元 背景,為公司未來發展出謀獻策。

這項計劃通過一系列活動及項目,支援 僱員事業發展,並讓僱員有機會積極參 與公司事務,年輕一輩成員可藉機與資 深管理層分享各類創見及經驗。學者及 商界領袖亦會定期演講分享心得,題材 範圍相當廣泛,由科技至心理等均有涉 獵 , 讓 年 輕 僱 員 對 商 業 環 境 有 深 刻 見 解,進一步邁向自己的事業發展目標。BM Icon