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Jeanne Sau, Chief Marketing Officer, MassMutual Asia


As well as growing its customer base over recent years, MassMutual Asia has also continued to develop its range of innovative insurance, retirement and investment solutions. These efforts have been recognized with a number of awards, including the coveted BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards 2016 – Campaign of the Year.

On top of this success, three other MassMutual Asia’s products were also recognized, with the firm picking up awards in the Retirement Product, Critical Illness Insurance and Universal Life Insurance categories.


Back in 2002, MassMutual Asia was the first insurer in Hong Kong to offer a guaranteed lifetime annuity plan. The company remains at the forefront of the industry, with a market share of over 50% based on in-force annuity policies in Hong Kong. This success is largely due to innovative product design and a range of unique features, both of which were recognized with the Best-in-Class awards in the Retirement Product category.

MassMutual Asia remains the only insurer in Hong Kong to offer guaranteed lifetime annuity income, effectively addressing the financial impact of the longevity risk that Hong Kong people face. The firm’s products also offer a high degree of flexibility. From the age of 55, subscribers to the Target Lifetime Annuity Saver may choose to exercise the annuity option, or simply continue to build the cash value of their policy until a later date. Currently, most plans in the market offer customers pre-set installment payments for a 10- or 20-year period, which may not be adequate to cover the risk of prolonged life expectancy.

Commenting on the award, Jeanne Sau, Chief Marketing Officer of MassMutual Asia said: “We cannot accurately estimate our lifespan, but we can transfer the risk and ensure a satisfactory retirement life. Mapping out one’s retirement with an annuity plan that offers a guaranteed lifetime annuity pay-out as the core income component is becoming ever more essential. Such a plan is instrumental in securing sustainable retirement funds, effectively hedges against the risk of ‘living too long,’ and avoids hitting the retirement tipping point. With increasing life expectancies, it’s critical that people have total peace of mind about their financial well-being, especially during their golden age.”

As well as providing reassurance to retirees, MassMutual Asia’s Target Lifetime Annuity Saver allows customers to choose from seven different annuity options – the widest range available in the market. For instance, the “joint-annuitant” option allows the spouse of the insured to continue to receive the annuity for the rest of his/her life, even after the insured has passed away; and annuity payments that increase over time help offset the impact of inflation.


Sau continued, “A well-thought-out retirement plan should also be well covered by risk management. Having comprehensive health and medical cover in place can help shoulder the ‘involuntary expenses’ entailed when contracting a critical illness.” The unique benefits of MassMutual Asia’s PrimeHealth Extra Saver impressed the judging panel in the Critical Illness category. The offering bundles critical-illness protection, wealth accumulation and life protection into a single policy. The plan is among the most comprehensive now available, with coverage of up to 116 major critical illnesses and early-stage illnesses, and a sum insured of up to HK$10,000,000.

Sau commented: “We’re delighted the judges recognized the market-unique extension of life protection that PrimeHealth Extra Saver offers. It enables customers diagnosed with a critical illness to take out a permanent life insurance plan without the need to provide proof of insurability, just when they need it most.”

With PrimeHealth Extra Saver, the insured is able to make multiple claims on the same policy, rather than relying on one-off protection. Cancer sufferers, for example, are able to claim up to five times for treatment, with total benefits of up to 300% of the sum insured.


MassMutual Asia also garnered the Best-in-Class award for “Universal Life Insurance,” where its FLEXI-ULife Prime Saver range was recognized. The company introduced the very first universal life insurance plan to the Hong Kong market, challenging traditional life insurance policies by offering flexibilities to accommodate the policy owner’s ever-changing protection and savings needs. MassMutual Asia continues to shake up the traditional life insurance sector by developing a range of innovative and attractive products especially designed for the segment.

The FLEXI-ULife Prime Saver insurance plan offers competitive cash values and returns as well as a range of life benefit options. Moreover, the plan includes generous redundancy protection, providing peace of mind during extended periods of unemployment; while the terminal-illness protection helps relieve the associated financial burden.


To mark the company’s two-decade presence in Hong Kong, in late 2015 MassMutual Asia launched the “20 Years of Dreams” campaign. The success of this campaign was formally recognized with the company winning Campaign of the Year. The company successfully blended traditional media advertising with social media and other innovative approaches to maximize penetration and reach large numbers of potential new customers.

The campaign incorporated large-scale outdoor advertising, including the transformation of Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station into the “MassMutual Station of Dreams.” This alone enabled MassMutual Asia to instantly reach 2.5 million MTR commuters.

The campaign also captured the attention of younger potential customers with a presence on Facebook. Smart use of the social media platform helped MassMutual Asia to achieve more than 50,000 ‘hits.’ Facebook users had the opportunity to win a free trip to the Sky 100 observation deck in the ICC tower. Over two days, 6,000 guests celebrated MassMutual Asia’s anniversary and enjoyed spectacular views from the tower, experiencing the exhilaration of “flying high to achieve their dreams.”

Ms. Sau was thrilled to receive the award: “We took an innovative approach to celebrate our 20th anniversary atop the tallest building in Hong Kong, and made the campaign a success. We are always looking for new ways of engaging with existing and potential customers, and I think we did that with ‘20 Years of Dreams’. Indeed,

our customers’ dreams are powerful motivators that enable us to move our development forward and pursue service excellence.

Thanks to their trust and unstinting support, MassMutual Asia has been growing steadily, with double-digit average annual growth in new individual business. We look forward to a brighter future with our customers because we truly believe ‘MassMutual is where dreams are made.’” BM Icon




美國萬通亞洲近年不僅大力擴闊客戶 群,亦不斷拓展創新的保險、退休和投資 產品系列,其努力獲多個備受推崇的獎項 認可, 更榮獲2 0 1 6 《指標》年度財富 管理大獎的「年度推廣活動」同級最佳 大獎。除了這項殊榮外,美國萬通亞洲旗下另 外三個產品亦分別在「退休產品」、「危疾 保險」和「萬用壽險」類別獲表彰。


自2002年美國萬通亞洲在港率先推出保 證終身年金計劃以來,公司一直領導年 金市場,佔本港有效年金保單超過50% 份額。此成功乃歸功於公司創新的產品 設計和眾多獨特的產品功能,而公司在 本屆「退休產品」類別中獲頒發「同級 最佳」大獎,正好表揚此兩項獨有優勢。

美國萬通亞洲是現時香港唯一一間提供 保證終身年金計劃的保險商,這產品讓 香港市民能有效地應對長壽所衍生的財 務風險。公司的一系列產品以靈活取 勝,「目標必達終身年金保」正是一個 例子,客戶在55歲時可選擇行使年金, 或繼續累積保單的現金價值。目前坊間 大部分類似計劃只為客戶提供10至20年 的預設分期派發期限,並不足以應對受 保人因長壽所面對的財務風險。

對於公司獲獎,美國萬通亞洲首席市務 總監蕭莉玲表示:「我們無法準確估計 壽命有多長,但卻可以將有關的財務風 險轉移,以確保退休生活如意。作為退 休收入的核心部分,保證終身年金計劃 在退休規劃之角色愈來愈重要。這類計劃 有助確保退休資金的可持續性,有效地 對沖長壽的風險,並可助受保人避免耗盡 退休儲備的情况。隨著港人的預期壽命愈 來愈長,擁有令人安心的財務健康尤其 重要, 在退休後方可享有無憂的黃金 歲月。」

「目標必達終身年金保」不僅為退休人 士帶來保障,更設有七種不同的年金權 益選擇,種類之廣稱冠市場。舉例說, 計劃中之「聯合年金領取人」權益選 擇,於受保人去世後,其配偶仍可繼續 收取年金直至終老;而「遞增終身年金」 權益選擇則隨時間增長,有助抵銷通脹影 響。


蕭莉玲續說:「周詳的退休計劃必須輔 以風險管理。若不幸患上危疾, 全面 的健康和醫療保障有助承擔『非自願 支出』的醫療費用。」「首選健康多重 保」的獨特優勢令負責評審「危疾」類 別的一眾評判留下深刻印象,此計劃將 危疾保障、財富累積和壽險融合於同一 保單內;計劃涵蓋多達116種危疾和早期 疾病,保障金額高達港幣一千萬,是現 時市場上最全面的保險計劃之一。

「我們很高興評審團對『首選健康多重 保』的『延續壽險保障』作出正面評 價,此市場獨有的保障讓確診患有嚴重 疾病的客戶在最需要保障時,不用提供 投保資料亦可購買多一份終身壽險。」 蕭莉玲說。

「首選健康多重保」就同一保單提供多 次賠償,而非一次性的賠償,例如為癌 症提供多達五次賠償,總賠償金額最高 可達保障額的300%。

人壽保險市場的演變 美國萬通亞洲憑著「首選靈活萬用壽 險」,贏得本屆「萬用壽險」類別的「 同級最佳」大獎。美國萬通亞洲是率先 在香港推出萬用壽險計劃的保險商,以 產品的靈活性滿足投保人對保障和儲蓄 不斷轉變的需要,打破傳統人壽保險欠 缺彈性的規限。美國萬通亞洲針對此市 場開發一系列創新和富吸引力的產品, 在人壽保險產品領域中推陳出新。

「首選靈活萬用壽險」除了提供吸引的現 金價值和回報,亦為客戶帶來多個壽險保 障選擇。此外,計劃還包括失業保障,讓 長期失業的客戶倍添安心;而末期疾病保 障則有助緩解受保人的財務負擔。


為了慶祝公司扎根香港二十年,美國萬 通亞洲在2015年底推出了「衝上雲霄」 推廣活動,取得空前成功,並贏得本屆 「年度推廣活動」同級最佳大獎。公司 成功地結合了傳統媒體廣告、社交媒體 和其他創新方法,深度滲透市場並吸引 了大量潛在客戶。

此推廣活動亦運用了大型戶外廣告,包 括將尖沙咀港鐵站打造為「美國萬通敢 想月台」,藉此接觸到250萬港鐵乘客。

此外,這項推廣活動亦透過Facebook吸引 了年輕潛在客戶的關注。美國萬通亞洲 巧妙地應用社交媒體平台,獲得了超過 50,000次點擊。在活動中,Facebook 用戶有機會贏得環球貿易廣場Sky 100觀 景台的門券;活動期間的兩天內,已有 多達6,000名嘉賓參與了美國萬通亞洲的 二十週年慶祝活動,登上觀景台欣賞壯 麗景色,體驗「衝上雲霄,飛越夢想」 的愉悅。

蕭莉玲對得獎感到興奮,她說:「我們 在香港最高的建築物以新穎的方式慶祝 公司在港二十週年。這活動非常成功, 我們不斷尋求與現有及潛在客戶接觸的 新方法,在『衝上雲霄』活動我們就達 到了此目的。事實上,助客戶達成夢想 是我們業務發展及追求卓越服務的強大 動力。有賴客戶的信任和堅定的支持, 美國萬通亞洲方能夠一直穩步增長, 新造個人壽險業務年均增長率更達雙位 數。我們期待與客戶創造更美好的未 來,因為我們切實相信—『敢想 未來才 會更精彩』。」BM Icon