Edward Moncreiffe, Interim CEO and Head of Distribution, HSBC Insurance (Asia) Limited

A progressive movement

HSBC Insurance (Asia) Limited (“HSBC Insurance”) continues to be a knowledge leader in retirement and protection, helping customers to plan for their future, realize their hopes and dreams, while remaining committed to investing in people development and corporate social responsibility. As a dependable insurer, the firm has won three awards this year, including Retirement Product, Women Employer and Citizen of the Year awards.

The HSBC Retirement Monitor (“Monitor”) highlights its insurance and retirement expertise. The Monitor was launched in December 2015 and was designed to support customers and the public in deciding the right product to meet their retirement needs. According to HSBC, it was also the first referential indicator based on real data and statistics that reflects estimated living costs required for retirement in Hong Kong. The indicator is a quarterly update benchmark that was constructed by data analysis of local retiree’s consumption patterns and prices of specific goods and services. The data collected in Hong Kong aims to provide the people with real and timely reference to the costs required for three of HSBC’s defined retirement lifestyles: Basic, Comfortable, and Affluent.

HSBC Insurance also holds a multitude of research published both on a global scale and in Asia. Locally, the firm also organizes various information seminars featuring knowledge leaders from different specialties to advocate the importance of timely retirement planning.

To ensure our customers are fully informed and choose the most suitable product for their needs, we provide insights and timely information that are available to both our customers and the public. We want to enable society to protect their retirement and achieve their desired lifestyle with the help of our survey studies and tools like the HSBC Retirement Monitor,” said Edward Moncreiffe, Interim CEO and Head of Distribution, HSBC Insurance (Asia) Limited.


As a women’s employer of choice, HSBC Insurance strives to provide equal opportunity and an inclusive working environment. The company supports employee development and has put in place a mentorship program in 2015, where high-potential middle management are selected to learn from a cross-functional member of the firm’s leadership team over the course of one year.

The company encourages gender equality and maintains a merit-based selection process. The result was impressive with a mentee group comprised of equal portions from both genders. According to the firm, around two-thirds of HSBC Insurance’s workforce is comprised of women while the proportion of women is higher than men. Both genders hold roles in various levels of management.
The Group also implemented market-leading parental leave and return-to-work programs in Hong Kong for both male and female employees. The firm has established framework and programs in place specifically to support female career progression and professional development. On top of mandatory business-related training programs, HSBC Insurance employees also have the opportunity to enroll in regular non-mandatory training on topics ranging from leadership to public-speaking, so to enhance both personal and career development.

Giving something back

On corporate citizenship, HSBC Insurance builds on the Group’s long tradition of corporate volunteering history since 1993. Permanent staff is encouraged to give back to society with two days paid leave for volunteering every year. The firm also helps low-income families directly by partnering with a local charity in Hong Kong to run the Healthy Living Education Program in 2015 – 2016. Its Staff has reached out to over 1,700 low-income primary school and community-college students around Hong Kong through a series of workshops, fun days and seminars to provide education on means to improve physical and mental health.

Throughout the year of 2016, the company supported many charitable programs. One of which was the commendation ceremony held at a school in Tin Shui Wai to recognize both HSBC Insurance and partnering volunteers in the program. The celebration was followed by a Family Fun Day for children and families within the region, filled with games, exercise, and workshops centered on physical and mental wellbeing education. The company also continuously supports the Community Chest, the International Day of Disabled Persons, and the Group’s very own annual HSBC Community Festival.

Sustainable future

HSBC endeavors to embed environmental protection as a core aspect of its business. They support and actively participate in the Environmental Management System (EMS) committee within the group that strives to ensure building operations are environmentally friendly. The two buildings that house HSBC Insurance offices, The HSBC Main Building and HSBC Centre, are both ISO 14001 certified, meaning the buildings have met international environment standards.

As a member of EMS, HSBC Insurance also contributes to the group-wide nine-year global sustainability strategy named “REDUCE,” with the objective to cut CO2 emissions per employee from 3.5t to 2.5t by the year 2020. Currently, the firm is taking measures to reduce energy consumption and waste disposal on an organizational level, such as LED re-lamping, engaging in waste recycling and food donation, paperless communication and 100%-compliant paper sourcing, water flow restrictor installation and use of auto-sensor water taps in washrooms.BM Icon


滙豐保險(亞洲)有限公司(「滙豐保險」) 在退休和財富保障方面的廣博知識繼續 領先同儕。公司幫助客戶規劃未來及實 現夢想,同時大力投放資源於員工發展 和企業社會責任。作為一間可靠的保險 公司,滙豐保險今年榮獲三個獎項,包 括退休產品、女性僱主和企業公民大獎。

「滙豐退休策劃指標」(「指標」)引證了 公司在保險和退休方面的專長。「指標」 於2015年12月推出,專門協助客戶和大 眾選擇能夠滿足退休需要的合適產品。 滙豐保險表示,此工具是香港首個以真實 數據和統計數字為基礎的參考指標,而 這些數據均可如實反映在香港退休所需 之生活開支。「指標」這個每季更新的 參考性指標,是以本地退休人士的消費 模式及指定商品和服務價格而作出的數 據分析。數據乃從香港收集,可為市民 提供真實、及時的退休所需開支參考, 以迎合滙豐保險所定義的三種不同的退休 生活方式,即「基本」、「舒適」及「豐盛」。

滙豐保險亦在全球及亞洲發表大量研究 報告,並在本港舉辦各種研討會,讓來 自不同行業的知識領袖向大眾倡導及時 退休策劃的重要性。

滙豐保險(亞洲)有限公司署理行政總 裁及分銷業務主管文德華表示:「為了 確保客戶對退休計劃有充分了解,並能 夠按需要選擇最適合的產品,我們為他 們及大眾提供深入的分析見解和及時的 資訊。我們希望調查結果、滙豐退休策 劃指標等工具,可幫助社會各界保障退 休生活,實現他們理想的生活方式。」


滙豐保險致力提供平等機會和建立共融 的工作環境, 使其成為女性首選的僱 主。公司支持員工發展,並於2015年推 出了導師計劃。計劃挑選具發展潛質的 中層管理人員,接受一位跨業務範疇的 高級管理層為期一年的指導。

公司倡導性別平等,並同時貫徹以功績 為本的選拔過程,而導師計劃參與者中 兩性的比例相等,證明落實性別平等理 念的成效令人鼓舞。根據公司資料,滙 豐保險員工之中有大約三分之二為女 性。即使女性佔員工的比例高於男性, 兩性在不同管理職級上皆能盡顯其長。

集團在香港為男性及女性員工提供優於 市場的產假及重返工作崗位計劃。公司 亦特別建立了框架及多項計劃,支持女 性在職場上的晉升及專業發展。除了有 關業務方面的強制性培訓外,滙豐保險 的員工亦可參與非強制性的定期培訓, 包括領導才能培訓、演講培訓等,此等 培訓可助員工在個人和事業上得到同步 發展。


作為企業公民,滙豐保險一直秉承集團 自1993年起積極推行義務工作的傳統。 全職員工每年可獲得兩天有薪假期專用 於參與義務工作,作為他們回饋社會的 鼓勵。滙豐保險亦與本港一間慈善機構 合作,在2015至2016年度舉辦「健康生 活教育計劃」,為低收入家庭提供直接 援助。義工團隊透過一系列工作坊、同 樂日及研討會,為本港超過1,700名來自 低收入階層的小學生和大專生服務,教 導他們改善身心健康。

在2016年,滙豐保險不間斷地支援多個 義工計劃,其中,公司早前在一間位於 天水圍的學校舉行嘉許儀式,表揚參與 計劃的滙豐保險員工及合作夥伴。在隨 後為區內兒童及家庭舉行的家庭同樂日 中,公司透過不同的遊戲、運動和工作 坊,宣揚保持身心健康的重要性。滙豐 保險亦一直支持公益金、國際殘疾人士 日,以及每年由集團籌辦的「滙豐社區 節」。


滙豐銳意將環保原則融入其業務核心, 滙豐保險大力支持並積極參與集團之環 境管理系統( E M S ) 委員會, E M S 致 力確保集團所營運的大樓均符合環保原 則。滙豐保險辦公室所在的兩座大樓— 滙豐銀行總行和滙豐中心均通過了ISO 1 4 0 0 1認證,證明大樓已達到國際環保 標準。

作為EMS成員,滙豐銀行亦在集團的環 球可持續發展策略—「REDUCE」中貢獻 良多。為期九年的「REDUCE」策略適用 於整個集團,目標在2020年前將每名員 工的二氧化碳排放量從3.5噸減少到2.5 噸。目前,公司正在整個企業層面採取 節能減廢措施,例如LED燈回收重造、 廢物回收、食品捐贈、無紙通信、使用 100%獲環保認證的紙張、安裝水流限制 器,以及在洗手間安裝水龍頭自動感應 器等。

滙豐保險亦鼓勵員工共同實現公司保護 環境的使命,並逐步活出健康生活。「我 們給予每位員工一個免費的運動追蹤智 能手帶,邀請他們參與『百萬步挑戰』, 從而鼓勵他們及家人多運動、多走路, 以減少碳排放量。」文德華說。BM Icon