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10TH HKIB-OFMP AWARDS | Dah Sing Bank 大新銀行


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Cliff Chan, Head of Wealth Management, Dah Sing Bank Limited

Local Wisdom With Customer-Focus


Rooted in Hong Kong for 70 years, Dah Sing Bank has always impressed the industry with its non-stop quest for service excellence and service innovations. The bank has also made its mark on nurturing a new generation of financial management planning talent, by actively taking part in the Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards (The OFMP Award) contest, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and BENCHMARK magazine. Already honored in previous sessions, Dah Sing managed to score big again in the 2016 competition with 6 awards out of 7 entries, including one Golden Award. It was one of Dah Sing’s golden moments since taking part.

Cliff Chan, Dah Sing’s Head of Wealth Management, offered his heartfelt congratulation to all Dah Sing’s winning contestants. Citing the bank’s motto “The Local Bank with a Personal Touch”, Cliff said that how frontline staff truly care and attend to the needs and goals of their customers, with customers’ interest as primary, is just as important in establishing long-term trustful relationship with valuable customers, as the speed and frequencies of rolling out new solutions.

Cliff Chan emphasized that the central pillar of a successful financial planning service is, and can only be customer-focus. He elaborated, “As a local bank, we need to identify with customers’ interest. We have customers with limited knowledge in financial planning, therefore we convey our messages to customers in a straight forward manner. In addition, a good understanding of customers’ financial planning goals, risk appetite and liquidity requirement are also key to map customers’ needs with the appropriate solutions.”

Active Opportunity Management for better investment experience

To better assist customers in handling market volatilities, Cliff emphasized that customers’ risk management is high on Dah Sing’s agenda. He pointed out that many customers emphasize asset return over product risk management. In order to alleviate embedded risk, the bank has set up two risk management mechanisms, “As customers may have focused on return and overlook potential risk, we have put a suitability evaluation in place before products introduction, so to understand customers’ suitability for their intended products.”

He added, “Diversification of customers’ investment is also high on our agenda to help minimize product risks. Going further, we also profess an “Active Opportunity Management” system to help our customers managing risk factors and grasping market opportunities. For example, we communicated with our customers simultaneously with the progress of major events such as Brexit and the US election, helping them to understand how would these events are going to rock their boats. Once these events have materialized, we constantly updated them on new developments through electronic platforms to bring them on par with any possible fallout.”

In cultivating new customer base, Cliff Chan also set his sights on upgrading services with the latest in Fintech, so to enlarge the bank’s network of high net worth customers. He said that the bank has been working hard in launching and upgrading its new web and mobile platforms, including a newly-launch mobile stock trading platform which is recognized by numerous awards. The bank strives to enhance the effectiveness of its “Active Opportunity Management” mechanism with the latest Fintech, so to convey in time all asset-impacting information to customers.

Other than business-focus, Cliff Chan emphasized that Dah Sing is also fulfilling the bank’s corporate social responsibilities through collaborating with charity and voluntary service partners. Dah Sing also supports the concept of a “volunteer service vacation,” granting time-off for staff volunteering their time for the needy.


A major part of Dah Sing’s mission is to nurture new-generation financial management planners. Dah Sing is an active participant in the OFMP award co-hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) and BENCHMARK. The bank was also a big winner in the 2016 sessions with 6 awards captured. On behalf of the bank, Cliff Chan takes pride in the achievements of Dah Sing’s contestants.

Step Yau, Silver Award Winner - Category A

Step Yau, Silver Award Winner – category A

Speaking of why taking part in the contestant, Samantha Chan (Group C-Financial Management Planner serving customers with investable asset over US$1 million), said that the contest offered her a valuable opportunity to benchmark her skills against fellow planners in the industry, and it was also a good occasion to grow up through challenges. Step Yau (Group A-Financial Management Planners with up to 3 Years of Experience) and Sharif Ma (Group B-Financial Management Planners with over 3 Years of Experience) felt honored to have the opportunity to take part in the 10th anniversary of this contest. They looked to enhance their professional standard through peer exchanges.

Sharif Ma also mentioned that although the contest case is hypothetical, but working on it required input on asset allocations and investment strategies and strict adherence to compliance standard. It called for as much works as in a real case. Other than technical details, he said that the contest also reminded them of the importance of understanding customers’ objectives, “Each customer has his/her own unique values and life goals. The contest reminds us that attentive to customers’ needs is as much important as working out the required figures.”

Preparing for the contest didn’t mean that one can be excused from daily routines. All contestants needed to shoulder their busy daily schedules and contest preparation concurrently. They expressed appreciation and attributed their awards over the encouragement of their superiors, as well as the helping hands offered by fellow teammates to share their workload.

Samantha said that as she handles mostly high net worth customers in her daily works, she needed to upgrade her knowledge over legacy planning through continuously studying related knowledge such as trusteeships and trust system so to address customers’ concerns. Teamwork is also a key as she also communicated regularly with the bank’s back office departments, “Over the duration of the contest, I relied on the support of our bank’s insurance and legal team to draw on their expertise. My knowledge over the subjects was also greatly enriched.”

So how do they look to thrive in the volatile 2017?

Concluding the discussion, Sharif compared Financial Planning to a sea journey. It is more important to learn to sail through the waves smoothly, “If we simply circumvent upon the first sign of a storm, we are going to miss out a lot of opportunities. We pilot our ships through high and low tides, facing storm head-on while charting our way out. We provide heads-up for customers while keeping their investment objectives on course. I feel confident that Dah Sing’s teams will back us up with their high professional standards. We also map the waters ensuring that all our customers can stay on course to their final destinations.”BM Icon




大新銀行植根香港七十年,一向以不斷 創新及優質服務著稱本地銀行業。近年, 該行亦積極培育新一代理財策劃人才, 旗下的財富管理部門精英在歷屆香港 銀行學會及《指標》雜誌所合辦之「傑 出理財策劃師大獎」中屢次獲獎。在2016 年度大賽中,大新銀行派出七位財富管理 部新一代財策精英參賽,成功囊括六個 獎項,當中更包括一個金獎,成為大新 銀行歷年參賽以來表現最佳的其中一年。

大新銀行財富管理處主管陳維堅表揚在 賽中成功奪獎的同事。他表示,大新銀行 本著「本地為根,以客為本」的精神,認 為在與客戶建立長遠及互信關係方面,前 線員工在真心關顧客戶的需求和目標, 一切以客戶利益為依歸,是和迅速推 出新解決方案同樣重要。

陳維堅強調,財富策劃服務的本質是以 客人為本:「作為本地銀行,我們必須了 解客戶的需要。有些客戶對財富策劃認 識有限,因此,向客人講解時要直接淺 白。此外,我們亦會了解其理財目標、風 險承受能力以及流動性需求,然後為客人 配對最合適的產品。」

機遇管理 減低風險 為協助客人應對市場的波動,陳維堅強 調大新非常著重風險管理。

他表示,不 少客戶會著眼於資產回報多於產品的風 險管理。大新為協助客戶駕馭風險,特 地設立了兩重風險管理機制。他說:「 部份客戶可能著重回報而忽略了潛在風 險,故此我們在推介任何產品前都先會 為客戶作合適性評估,以評定有關產品 是否適合客戶。」

陳維堅補充:「我們亦著重協助客戶分散 投資,把風險盡量降低。我們同時亦會 設立『機遇管理』機制, 以加強協助 客戶管理風險及捕捉投資機遇。以去年 英國脫歐及美國大選為例,在事件發生 前,我們的同事已為客戶講解事件的進 展, 以及對其資產會有甚麼影響。 在事件敲定後, 我們亦會通過電子平 台, 持續為客戶更新資訊以跟進形勢 發展。」

在進一步拓展客戶基礎的同時,陳維堅 亦非常重視發展高資產值客戶基礎,並 結合金融科技以達至最優質服務水平, 務求擴展高資產值客戶網絡。他指出, 大新近年致力推出和優化網絡及流動平 台,而最新推出的流動證券交易平台就 屢獲殊榮。未來銀行會結合最新的金融 科技,優化「機遇管理」機制,為客戶 即時發放相關的重要理財訊息。

除了著重發展業務,陳維堅稱大新銀行 亦積極與慈善及志願團體合作,履行企 業社會責任。大新銀行更設立有薪「義 務工作假期」,支持員工參與慈善及義 工活動,積極回饋社會。

財策精英 暢談心得

大新以培育新一代財富策劃精英為使命, 多年來積極參與由香港銀行學會 及《指標》合辦之「傑出財富管理師 大獎」,在2016年大賽中更連奪六獎, 成績彪炳。陳維堅表示,銀行對今年同事的佳績引以為傲。

那麼各大新理財策劃精英又為何有興趣 參與這次比賽呢? 參與C 組– 擁有一百 萬美元可投資資產客戶組別的李碧茜表 示,她希望通過這次比賽考驗自己的實 力,並通過比賽增強面對挑戰的信心。 參與A組-具備少於三年理財策劃經驗的 邱柏麟,及參與B組-具備三年或以上理 財策劃經驗的馬明祐就以參與這個已邁 進十周年的專業比賽為榮,更可以通過 與業界交流,從中學會畢生受用的經驗 及專業知識。

馬明祐稱,雖然比賽個案屬虛構個案, 但涉及需要就資產分配及投資策略提出 意見,另外亦需要兼顧符合監管要求及 法規,和現實工作相差無幾。除了技術 要求外,他指出比賽更提醒他們要更透 徹了解客戶需要:「客戶有自己的價值 觀和人生目標。比賽提醒我們,除了留 意數字外,留心聆聽客戶不同的需求亦 相當重要。」

雖然要為比賽做準備,幾位代表日常仍 需繼續繁忙的工作,就如所有參賽者一 樣。他們感謝部門主管的提名及鼓勵, 以及其他同事包容及分擔工作,令他們 可騰出時間,準備比賽材料,這些都是 他們賴以奪得獎項的重要因素。

李碧茜說,由於她的服務範疇屬於高資產值客戶,而客戶大都非常重視財富傳 承的問題,故在過程中積極通過不同渠 道學習相關知識,包括信託及託管制度 等,以解決客戶的問題。另外,團隊合作亦是成功的關鍵,她會定期與不同部 門的同事溝通:「在比賽過程中,我便依 靠着公司的保險及法律團隊的支持和專 業知識,而自己亦增進了相關知識。」

面對市況波動的2 0 1 7 年, 幾位新一代 理財策劃精英又會如何協助客戶乘風 破浪?

馬明祐總結指出,理財策劃好比駕船。 面對風高浪急的環境,如何駕馭風浪就 更為重要。他指:「假如我們一旦遇到 風暴就繞航,就很容易錯失機會。我們 的工作正正就是要駕馭風浪, 乘風而行, 知道水流方向, 及時為客戶提供資訊,並確保投資方向朝客人的目標進 發。我相信大新的團隊會以專業水準來 支援我們的工作。我們亦會與客戶保持 溝通,確保客戶不會錯失投資良機。」BM Icon