Challenging the Status Quo







Lawrence Lam, head of retail Banking, Citibank

Challenging the status quo

Citibank has been recognized for its commitment to innovation by embracing new technology to challenge the status quo and deliver excellent customer service and engagement. Combined with a comprehensive staff-training and development program, Citibank has built the foundations for success in the years to come.

A customer-centric wealth management model

When approaching wealth management, Citibank finds that it is fundamental to educate customers on the risk and reward of investment decisions and generate healthy returns. Information is central to this goal, especially in difficult market conditions. Lawrence Lam, Head of Retail Banking for Citibank Global Consumer Banking, says the bank has utilized technology to assist clients in finding the most updated market information and provide timely advice.

“We make effective use of video conferencing for clients to connect with our relationship managers or specialists at our headquarters, which is a good example of technology helping us to have better engagement with the customer. We also utilize online platforms such as our Facebook live chat to deliver the most updated market information to customers so that they can now get advice and information at any time anywhere. The provision of timely information is the goal,” said Lam.

Innovating in digital services

Citibank has launched a number of innovative digital services and products over the past 12 months, several of which are firsts in the market. The bank was the first to launch voice bio metrics to identify and authenticate customers, resulting in a quicker verification process when using phone banking compared with manual confirmation.

A redesigned Citibank mobile app was launched in April 2016 in Hong Kong with a simplified and more user-friendly interface. The app provides customers with a streamlined mobile banking experience and allows them to view their account balances and recent transactions without having to enter a user ID and password. As a result, the mobile app has attracted over 200,000 downloads and driven a 35% increase in daily stock turnover, a 23% increase in market share and a 17% increase in customer acquisition.

“One of the key innovations is our mobile platform, and one of its main features is the Touch ID Sensor. In the past, customers had to remember the password, which is very cumbersome when you are in a hurry. So Touch ID Sensor is ideal, as everything is settled in seconds, leading to an enhanced customer experience,” said Priscilla Ng, Head of Customer Franchise at Citibank.

A credit-check app was also launched in August, allowing customers to understand their financial situation, and hence, better manage their finances. It has attracted about 50,000 downloads and generated about 40,000 successful credit reports to date.

Citibank’s Lam says the bank has adopted an agile approach similar to leading FinTech companies by expediting the launch of digital projects and shortening project turnaround time. “In the past, our bank had only three technology releases in a year. Now we have one technology release per month, making a total of 12 releases in a year, which is a fourfold increase,” said Lam.




viral impact in social media

A focus has also been placed on social media, where an increasing number of companies are shifting their budgets to digital consumer communications. For Citibank, the goal is to provide best-in-class content, with social media as one of its core marketing strategies.

“Facebook is one of our key tools for marketing. Last year we rolled out several successful social media campaigns, including the PremierMiles Campaign, which engaged numerous Hong Kong celebrities to create a viral impact. Another campaign was ‘Talk of the Town,’ a stock market campaign where we invited some local celebrities to re-enact a number of old Hong Kong dramas. It turned out to be very popular − the video went viral, with over several million views, which was a tremendous result,” said Ng.

According to Ng, Citibank gauges the success of new initiatives by looking at the numbers in the digital channel to determine how many customers are shifting from offline to online and how many customers are trading using its mobile platform.

“After the campaigns, we saw that there was a 10% shift in the channel share of mobile banking, which is very significant,” said Ng.

A comprehensive staff development program

Citibank’s mission is to serve its clients by responsibly providing financial services that enable growth and economic progress. To realize this mission, the bank recognized that it had to nurture the strongest talent and provide best-in-class training for its staff, including its relationship managers (RMs) who play a key role in connecting Citibank to its clients. The bank has also tailored training programs for RMs, helping to build their technical skills and behavioral competencies.

“We have a very strong training effort so relationship managers can acquire the right product knowledge and understand compliance controls. We have an end-to-end coaching initiative over the space of four months. They work together with our leading specialists and top branch managers who coach them on how to help the customer. I am sure that we have one of the most comprehensive training programs for relationship managers to ensure they gain the best knowledge and the most appropriate solutions for customers,” said Lam.

A total wealth Advisor

Citibank has also rolled out a new financial consultation tool, the Total Wealth Advisor (TWA), that enables clients to set and achieve goals by bridging their wealth planning with their priorities in life.

“We believe financial advisory should never be product-oriented; it should always be based on our clients’ objectives at different stages of life. With this in mind, a 360-degree engagement strategy has been adopted to facilitate a goal-based financial advisory experience throughout the life cycle of our clients. Overall, the TWA has successfully engaged our stakeholders in customer-centric financial consultations with very encouraging feedback. For example, 93% of the clients who have used the TWA agreed that it gave them greater confidence in achieving their goals.”

And when asked about what the bank has in store in the year ahead, Lam said he remains focused on innovating to deliver the best service and outcomes for clients.

“Innovation is a never-ending story. The key is to make sure the entire organization is focused on the client journey using all components, including technology. That is what will drive us to innovate further at Citibank,” said Lam.BM Icon









花旗銀行在創新方面的決心廣受讚賞。該行 大 力 推 行 最 新 科 技 的 應 用 , 力 求 改 變 現狀、提供卓越的客戶服務及提高客戶 參與度。除發展新科技外,花旗銀行亦 推行全面的員工培訓和發展計劃,為走向 成功奠定堅實基礎。



在財富管理方面,花旗銀行深明教育客戶 掌握投資決策的風險及回報,從而讓其創 造健康回報之重要性。達到此目標的關鍵 是確保資訊得以妥善傳遞,尤其是在今日 變化萬千的市場裡。花旗銀行零售銀行業 務主管林智剛先生指出,善用科技可幫助 客戶取得 最 新 市 場 資 訊 , 並 能 即 時 為 他 們 提 供 參 考 建議。

「現在客人能透過視像會議與我們的客戶 經理或其他專員直接溝通。這正好反映了 科技如何拉近與客戸的距離。我們也會利 用其他,如Facebook即時聊天 (live chat) 的網上平台為客戶提供最新市場消息, 讓他們可隨時隨地獲得理財意見和資訊。 總括而言,提供及時的資訊是我們的目 標。」林智剛說


在過去12個月,花旗推出了一系列的創新 數碼服務及產品,其中更有多個產品為 市場首創,例如作為首間銀行推出語音 辨別系統,現在客戶可以使用電話語音來 確認身份,相對於傳統確認程序,更為方

在2016年4月,花旗在香港推出了經重新 設計的手機應用程式,其界面設計更簡化 及易用,該應用程式為客戶帶來更簡便的 手機銀行體驗:客戶無需再輸入用戶賬號 及密碼,便能輕鬆地查閱賬戶餘額及最近 的交易記錄。也因如此,流動程式吸引超 過20萬次的下載量,帶動股票交易量上升 35%,市場份額增加23%,及新客戶量 增長17%。

「Touch ID感應器是我們移動平台其中一 個重大創新,亦是平台的主要特點之一。以往客戶必須緊記密碼才能登入平台,對繁忙的客戶來說不太方便。在便利性方面,Touch ID感應器是客戶的理想 科技。應用此科技後,一切都可在數秒鐘
內解決,有效地改善了客戶體驗。」花旗 銀行服務客戶管理主管吳詩雅說。

此外,該行亦於8月推出了Credit Check 應用程式,讓客戶了解自己的信貸狀況, 從而更有效管理個人財政。程式推出至今 已吸引了近50,000次下載,並成功編製了 約40,000份信貸報告。

林智剛表示,花旗透過採用與領先金融 科技公司類近的靈活發展策略,加快推出 數碼項目和縮短項目的週期。「過去, 我們銀行每年只推出三個科技項目,現在 卻每月一個,一年共有十二個項目,比以 前增長了四倍。」


近年愈來愈多公司將資源投放於消費者的 數碼通信上。花旗致力為客戶提供最優質 的內容,而社交媒體即是其核心營銷策 略之一。

吳詩雅指出:「Facebook是重要的市場 營銷工具。去年我們推出多個成功的社交 媒體宣傳活動,包括有多位知名人士參與 的PremierMiles推廣項目。在《股壇新時 代》,我們更邀請了本地名人重演香港劇 集的經典場面,結果是 次 活動 極 之 受 歡 迎 。 影 片 的 觀 看 次 數 高達數百萬,成果 令人振奮。」

吳詩雅亦指,銀行會以數據來衡量新項目 是否取得成功,例如有多少客戶由傳統渠 道轉移至網絡流動平台,或多少客戶利用 新平台進行交易。

「在活動結束後,我們觀察到流動平台 相對其他渠道的使用率增加了10%,這是 非常顯著的改變。」吳詩雅續稱。


花旗訂立使命,銳意提供負責任的金融 服務,幫助客戶投資有所增長之餘,亦以 促進經濟發展為目標。為了實現這使命,銀行明白必需先著力培養人材,並為員工 提供優質的培訓,特別是在銀行和客戶之間 扮演重要角色的客戶經理。因此,該行 亦為客戶經理度身訂做培訓計劃,協助 他們發展技術上和行為上的技能。

林智剛說:「我們致力培訓客戶經理,以確 保他們具備正確的產品知識以及了解相關 的監管規定。我們制定了為期四個月的全 方位培訓,除了讓我們的專家及高層管理 人員與他們一同工作外,亦指導他們如何 满足客戶所需。我相信,我們的培訓課程 是相當全面的,足以令他們掌握所需的專 業知識,以及懂得為客戶尋求最佳的解決 方案。」


花旗亦推出全新財富咨詢工具「全面財資 策劃(Total Wealth Advisor,TWA ),讓客戶可根據其生活優次來策劃及達到其理財目標。

「 我 們 深 信 , 理 財 策 劃 不 應 以 產 品 為 中心,而是應配合客戶在不同人生階段的 不同目標而調整。故此,我們發展了全方 位財富咨詢,讓客戶在人生不同階段可以 根據不同目標而理財。總體而言,TWA成功 吸引我們的客戶參與以客為本的財務咨詢 , 並 給 我們提供令人鼓舞的回應。有九成三曾使用過TWA服務的客戶表示,這項服務讓他們更有信心可以完滿達成自己的


他總結地說:「創新是個永遠不會完的過程。最重要是確保整間公司能專注地善用各種資源來提升客戶的體驗,包括採用最新的科技。這也是我們花旗銀行持續創新的動力所在。」BM Icon