Ben Ng, Chief Marketing Officer, Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd

ACE Limited’s acquisition of The Chubb Corporation in January 2016 has resulted in the creation of the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company. The new company combines Chubb, a well-known US-based insurer with over 130 years of history, and ACE, a global leader known for its underwriting excellence and global presence. In Asia Pacific, Chubb Life’s regional footprint encompasses China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Chubb Life’s core mission is to provide the very best insurance coverage and service to individuals, families and businesses by focusing on the individual needs of the customer. It is this focus and understanding that has seen Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd. (Chubb Life in Hong Kong) collect three Best-in-Class awards, namely Critical Illness Insurance, Human Capital Development and Social Media Engagement. The insurer was also named as an Outstanding Achiever in three categories, including Retirement Product, Universal Life Insurance (All Currencies) and Customer On-boarding.

Ben Ng, Chief Marketing Officer at Chubb Life in Hong Kong, says that the company’s focus on individual needs is at the core of its approach to insurance and underwriting, and this is what sets it apart from its competitors.

“We believe that we should serve each customer based on their individual needs. At Chubb, when we write a policy, we write it for you, and we help our clients protect themselves against not only the most basic kinds of risk but also the most complex and unexpected ones,” said Ng.

A Best-in-Class critical illness insurance product

One of the most common chronic illnesses is cancer, which requires timely treatment that is often costly. In addition, most medical insurance products in the market only provide partial reimbursement of hospitalization expenses as there are usually limits for each benefit item, while there are long waiting lists at public hospitals for such treatment.

In order to help customers protect against complex and unexpected risk, Chubb Life in Hong Kong has launched various protection plans with the aim of providing affordable coverage for patients diagnosed with critical illnesses, particularly those who wish to receive comprehensive treatment from private doctors and private hospitals.

For example, its critical illness product Super Care Critical Illness Protector (CIA) covers 65 critical illnesses and also 17 early stage and special illnesses. There is also a VCare Cancer Protector that covers treatment for multiple stages of cancer and allows multiple claims for cancer treatment with a lifetime limit up to HK$4.5 million.

There are also two additional riders – the Super Care Multiple Protection Benefit which is designed to complement the CIA by providing up to four claims on 62 major illnesses – and the Super Care Early Stage Illness Benefit (ESCI), which provides coverage for 120 early stage illnesses and major illnesses. The ESCI was specifically designed to be paired up with the CIA to offer a total critical illness solution. The two plans jointly cover 137 specific illnesses with particular focus on early treatment of cancer and diseases of heart.

The Golden Touch

Chubb Life in Hong Kong’s universal life saving solutions has also been recognized as outstanding achievers this year. In particular, the Golden Touch ULife Plan II, Golden Touch Saver Plan II and Golden Touch Mega Saver Plan have helped customers achieve the dual goals of life protection and wealth accumulation.

“What makes the Golden Touch series unique is the potential returns and financial flexibility that customers can enjoy. As universal life products, Golden Touch series offers customers the flexibility to making cash withdrawals, exercise a premium holiday and the ability to make unscheduled contributions to cope with unexpected financial needs,” said Ng.

Retirement product

Chubb Life in Hong Kong’s Forever Diamond Plan, which offers both guaranteed lifetime coupon and life protection has also been well-received by the market. Commencing from the second policy anniversary, a guaranteed lifetime coupon equivalent to 2.5% of the face amount is paid every year up till the age of 100. A non-guaranteed annual dividend is also available to enhance return on savings and customers can also convert the guaranteed lifetime coupon and annual dividend to cash to fulfill financial needs such as the repayment of a mortgage, children’s education fund, marriage and travel expenses or to support their retirement living.

“Forever Diamond Plan has been our best selling product over the past five years as customers are looking for regular income to support their daily expenses. The product has been very successful, and we believe we will continue to sell more in the coming year,” said Ng.

Social media engagement

Turning to social media, where Chubb Life in Hong Kong has embraced the value of technology to enhance customer experience and increase operational efficiency. Although most insurers now utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and WeChat for branding and marketing, Ng believes the company’s focus on educating the public on the benefits of insurance rather than hard selling a particular product is what has helped it to achieve a “Best-in-Class” approach to social media engagement.

“We showcase our views on what we believe makes up a healthy lifestyle. We do not push the audience to buy a particular product but aim to educate them on what is the best for their health. Once they fully understand this, we believe they will consider our products,” said Ng.

Facebook, WeChat and other social media platforms also offer an instantaneous way to engage with customers, and are valuable for gaining customer feedback. In addition to company news, Chubb Life in Hong Kong shares lifestyle and health tips on its Facebook page on a regular basis and also launches Facebook games from time to time to grow customer engagement.

“In the past you could not have an instantaneous response, and it took time to understand if what you were doing was well received by customers. But now with Facebook and other digital media platforms, we are able to get an immediate response and get a better understanding of the market,” said Ng.

As a socially responsible company, Chubb Life in Hong Kong strives to help customers make informed decisions. Hence, the insurer has developed various product materials such as brochures and other educational materials to help customers better understand the rationale behind the development of each product, its key features and target customer segment. The company’s product brochures and marketing material are devised in conjunction with a product during its development stage.

“In addition to focusing on the key features, we want our customers to truly understand why they need this insurance coverage. Traditionally, product brochures are written after the product is designed, but we do this at the beginning of product design. In this way, the marketing team has a better understanding of the product and have the confidence to put all of the rationales into our product brochure. This means the customer fully understands the insurance coverage of a particular product,” said Ng.

Developing alternative distribution channels

While Ng emphasizes that Chubb Life in Hong Kong remains an agency focused life insurer, the company has also been actively developing alternative distribution channels, including brokerage distribution and bancassurance over the past couple of years. Its brokerage channel now contributes a significant share to company sales, while bancassurance remains a growing market.

In 2015, Chubb Life also started its wealth management business in Hong Kong to cater to the growing needs of high-net-worth individuals. By setting up its first Global Wealth Management Centre in Causeway Bay, Chubb Life in Hong Kong aims to combine value-added services and exceptional customer service with tailor-made wealth planning solutions to meet complex savings, investment, health, protection and wealth transfer needs.

“Hong Kong is just the starting point, and we will look to build wealth management business and infrastructure to other Asian countries,” said Ng.BM Icon




安達有限公司 (ACE Limited) 在2016 年1月成功收購丘博集團 (The Chubb Corporation),成為全球最大的上市財 產及責任保險公司,並沿用「Chubb」 這個聲譽卓著的名稱繼續營運。

新公司結合了兩間公司的優勢-丘博是一 間擁有130多年歷史並以美國為總部的保 險公司,而安達是擁有卓越承保和全球網 絡的知名環球保險領導者。在亞太區,安 達人壽的業務遍佈中國、香港、印尼、韓 國、台灣、泰國及越南。

安達人壽專注客戶的個別需要,提供在個人、家庭及商業方面的最佳保障及服務。 這份專注及對客戶的了解為安達人壽保險 有限公司 (安達人壽香港) 贏得三個《同 級最佳獎》的最高殊榮,得獎類別包括「 危疾保險」、「人力資源發展」及「社交 媒體參與度」。公司亦在「退休產品」、 「萬用壽險(所有貨幣)」及「客戶募集」 三個類別中獲得《傑出表現獎》。

安達人壽香港首席市務總監吳松平指出, 安達人壽能在一眾競爭者中脫穎而出,主要是因為公司能在其保險及承保業務中, 全力關顧客戶的個別需要。

他說:「我們深信,唯有專注客戶的個別 所需,才能為他們提供最佳服務。安達為客戶承保時,會以他們的貼身需要為依 歸。客戶除了獲得最基本的保障外,更可安心免於受複雜及難以預期的風險所困 擾。」

危疾保障 同級最佳

癌症是最普遍的慢性病之一,療程費時而且成本高昂。此外,由於每項保障項目均 設有賠償限額,市面上大部份醫療保險產 品未必能全數賠償住院支出。同時,若在公立醫院進行治療,又要面對極長的輪候時間。為保障客戶面對難以預測的風險, 安達人壽香港推出了一系列危疾保障計劃,旨在為不幸患上危疾的客戶提供保 障,讓他們可選擇到私家醫生及醫院進行 全面的治療。

以星級「倍康健」危疾保障計劃為例,其 可覆蓋65種嚴重疾病及17種早期危疾及 特別疾病。此外,「倍康泰」癌症保障計劃特別為需要癌症治療保障的人士而 設, 覆蓋不同階段癌症的治療及康復期間的醫療費用, 並提供多重賠償, 終身賠償限額最高為四百五十萬港元。

星級「倍康健」危疾保障計劃亦設有兩項 附加保障,包括:星級「倍康健」多重危疾保障-涵蓋62種嚴重疾病並提供多達4 次嚴重疾病保障賠償;星級「倍康健」早期危疾保障–覆蓋120種早期危疾及嚴重 疾病。結合星級「倍康健」危疾保障計劃 與星級「倍康健」早期危疾保障這兩項保 障,共涵蓋137種指定疾病,尤其是癌症 及心臟相關疾病的早期治療,可謂是至全面的危疾保障方案。


安達人壽香港之萬用壽險儲蓄「方案」, 今年亦獲得《傑出表現獎》。當中如薈聚成金「易」萬用壽險計劃、薈聚成金「 易」儲蓄計劃以及薈聚成金鼎盛儲蓄計 劃,幫助客戶同時達到壽險及財富增長兩 大目標。吳松平表示:「薈聚成金系列 最獨特之處,是可為客戶提供潛在回報及 財務彈性。薈聚成金系列作為萬用壽險產 品,客戶可隨時提款、享有暫停繳費期, 或作出不定期額外供款以備財政不時之 需。」


安達人壽香港的「星鑽」儲蓄壽險計劃可 以同時提供終身保證入息及人壽保障,因 而廣受市場歡迎。計劃由第二個保單週年 日起,每年派發相等於保障額2.5%之終 身保證入息,直至受保人100歲。此計劃 亦有機會派發非保證週年紅利,客戶可選 擇提取終身保證入息和週年紅利,以應付 償還物業供款、子女教育金、結婚及旅行 支出,以至支持退休生活等財務需要。吳 松平指出:「過去五年,『星鑽』儲蓄壽 險計劃是我們最熱賣的產品,因為客戶尋 求定期收入以支持日常開支。事實證明產 品非常成功,我們相信銷售額來年可以進 一步增長。」


安達人壽香港亦相當注重借助社交媒體, 以加強客戶體驗及提升營運效率。現時絕 大部份保險公司都有利用如Facebook及 微信等社交媒體來提高品牌知名度及進行 營銷活動。但吳松平認為,公司能突圍而出 奪得社交媒體參與度《同級最佳獎》, 關鍵是注重教育公眾有關保險的好處, 而非純粹推廣某一產品。

吳松平表示:「我們向公眾展示健康生活的模式所包含要素,以告訴他們什麼對他 們的健康最好,而不是硬銷產品予客戶。 當他們進一步了解後,自然會考慮安達人 壽的產品。」另外,Facebook、微信以 及其他社交媒體平台讓品牌與客戶即時交 流,亦是收集客戶意見的好渠道。安達人 壽香港的Facebook專頁除了會發放公司 新聞, 亦會經常分享生活及健康小知 識。此外, 專頁亦不時會推出互動遊 戲,以增強客戶參與度。

吳松平說:「從前你想了解公眾對品牌市 場營銷活動的反應,需要一定時間。現在我們可以通過Facebook及其他數碼媒介 平台即時得悉客戶回應,同時可以更徹底 了解市場。」

安達人壽香港作為一間重視社會責任的企業,一向致力協助客戶根據充份資訊作出 決定。公司為此推出多種產品資訊,包括 產品介紹冊以及其他教育資訊,以協助客戶了解各類產品的背後理念、主要特性及目標客戶群。公司會在設計產品的同時, 設計相關產品介紹冊及銷售資料。

吳松平強調:「我們不會只集中宣傳產品 的主要特點,而我們要讓客戶確實地了解 為何需要這種保障。傳統上,產品介紹冊 只會在產品設計完成後才開始編寫,但我們在開始設計產品時會同時進行編寫工 作,市場部藉此可深入了解有關產品,並 可確保產品介紹冊能覆蓋產品設計背後的 理念,讓客戶可全面理解產品所能提供之 保障。」

拓展其他分銷渠道吳松平強調,安達人壽香港除了專注透過保險代理銷售產品外,公司在過去數 年亦積極拓展其他分銷渠道,包括經紀 及銀行。目前,經紀分銷渠道已佔公司 銷售份額相當部份,而銀行分銷渠道亦正在發展中。

在2015年,安達人壽為迎合香港高資產值客戶不斷增長的需求,特地開展了財富 管理服務。為此,安達人壽香港在銅鑼灣 設立了首間環球財富管理中心,藉此公司 可結合增值服務、優越客戶服務以及度身 訂造的財富管理方案,以專注照顧客戶對 儲蓄、投資、醫療、保障及財富傳承方面 的不同需要。

吳松平強調:「在香港,我們才是剛剛起 步,其後我們會把財富管理業務及相關設施進一步擴展至其他亞洲國家。」BM Icon