This pillar on Brand is designed to identify best-practice providers that are excellent in associating their brands with their customers for their recognition and awareness.


The Brand of the Year Award is easily mistaken as an award given out based on a successful campaign launched during the year of the competition. While an appealing campaign will bring awareness to the brand, we are looking for companies that have received the highest respect in the industry and from their peers. As it should be the public that decides the worthiness of your brand, we want you to tell us less, and we will leave the rest in their hands.

You can go wild within 1,500 words explaining what values your brand stands for – your brand proposition, how you’ve conquered the digital world to creatively and effectively express your brand, how relevant your brand is to your customer segment, and how much they adore and are loyal to your company. This is an elevator pitch to some extent; however, the judges will also consider the opinions of your customers and public endorsement.

If you are interested in pitching for a successful rebranding exercise, please enter the Campaign of the Year instead.

Very importantly, please show the judges copies of your advertisements, video links, or other materials that help you demonstrate your claims.



This is about a specific campaign launched during the past 12 months between June 2017 and May 2018. What is the story behind the campaign? Whether it is a product campaign, a rebranding exercise, or a campaign for a specific objective, tell us what are you trying to achieve. What is the significant impact to the story, and did you accomplish that mission? We are looking for the most memorable campaign with powerful, meaningful, and inspirational messages that are not commoditized or focused on pricing. The campaign must also deliver on what it promises and should be ethical, relevant, and inclusive.

Tell us your story within 1,500 words, including images and other media, to explain why you should be considered for the best campaign of the year. We will also check the feedback from your customers and the public.

Very importantly, please show the judges copies of your advertisements, video links, or other materials that help you demonstrate your claims.



We are looking to award ONE AD that stands out this year. The ad is designed to emotionally connect with its target audience. It is believable and memorable and somewhat disruptive. Yes, it’s that simple. This ad could be a print ad, and outdoor ad, an ad on the radio, or one designed for social media.

In less than 500 words, simply tell us the logic behind it and what you are trying to achieve. Honestly, jurors of this category will not try to judge by logic but based on emotional connections.

Please show the judges copies of your advertisements, video links, or other materials that help you demonstrate your claims.



Social media is about connecting people and specifically companies’ ability to manage relationships and communicate effectively with their distribution partners and customers. We are looking for companies that embrace social media as part of their producer relationship management strategies, that have built excellent social media tools and provide opportunities for people to collaborate and share information.

In less than 1,500 words, outline your customer engagement strategies for social media in the areas of content strategy, your response channels, how questions and complaints are dealt with, your content pass-along strategies, and measurable business results.

Analytics will be also drawn by BENCHMARK’s data partner, K-Matrix, on the company’s Brand Popularity Index, covering 70 social media platforms, and their performance below:

  1. Popularity Ranking – measurement of the company’s popularity in online discussion-based media (DBM).
  2. Impression Ranking – measurement of the company’s impression on search engines.
  3. Threat Level Ranking– measurement of the company’s potential threats on search engines.
  4. Connectivity Ranking– measurement of the company’s connectivity with its advocates on Social Networking Service (SNS) and search engines.