ACE Life Has The Gold Touch

Allan Lam, Country President, ACE Life

Allan Lam, Country President, ACE Life


ACE Life Has The Gold Touch

While maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, ACE Life has also  ensured that its employees feel the love from the company through many  progressive policies. Allan Lam, Country President of ACE Life, discusses just what makes ACE Life special.  “In designing our products, we always keep our customers at the front of our minds,” said Allan Lam, Country President for ACE Life, a Chubb company, crediting this mindset in the development of their new Golden Touch product suite – including Golden Touch Saver Plan II and Golden Touch ULife Plan II – for much of their success at this year’s BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards. Golden Touch includes products for life insurance and savings. Golden Touch also offers customers added flexibility in terms of payment options and schedules and further comes with additional options and riders to create a plan suitable to a customer’s individual needs. It’s for this reason that the jurors of the BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards awarded ACE Life with Best-in-Class for both Universal Life Product and Retirement Product.
A lot of companies say that they put their people first, but at ACE Life, we go beyond that. We talk the talk and still walk the walk.
  On how ACE Life developed the products, Lam said, “Our Golden Touch products were designed with an eye towards what the market was looking for. We used a lot of feedback from our frontline distribution when designing these products, and this year we really looked at not only current market conditions, but also where the Hong Kong market is headed in the coming years.” “We put a lot of emphasis on the conversation between our agents and our customers. It was through these conversations that we gleaned the ideas underpinning our retirement product.”

The Golden Touch

This customer-centric thinking was employed when devising the key features of ACE Life’s Golden Touch life insurance product. Realizing that customers of life insurance purchase this product for a great many reasons, ACE Life ensured flexibility featured prominently in its design. “Taking Golden Touch Saver Plan II as an example, this product is quite flexible in terms of premium payment of 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years, and it also includes protection, savings, and wealth accumulation. It’s all here in one package. This allows the retirement product to be used for retirement, education saving, or even just for general savings, such as a down payment for a mortgage. I believe this a unique feature of this product, and I believe that today’s market favors flexible products such as this one, especially with the global economic situation of today,” said Lam. For creating these innovative and dynamic products, ACE Life took home an Outstanding Achiever Award for Product Innovation. Providing an example of that dynamic process which, Lam said, “Our product design process constantly keeps the customers central in our thinking. One of the products we have is The One Accident Protector which is an accident insurance product which allows our customers to protect themselves up to 100-years-old. This plan also includes free accidental death and accidental dismemberment protection for the customer’s family for one year.” “Further, in consultation with our customers, we later launched The ACE Accident Guard Plan which includes a triple indemnity on the accidental death benefit and accidental dismemberment benefit if an accident occurs on an airplane. This was added due to what we were hearing from our customers and perfectly represents our desire to respond to the market and what our customers really want. It is through this strategy that we feel we can be the best insurance provider in Hong Kong.”
Depending upon the level of our staff, there are myriad opportunities to really advance their skills within our organization.

Above and Beyond Coverage

In addition to covering accidental death up to the age of 100, The ACE Accident Guard Plan also provides accidental dismemberment and total and permanent disability up to the age of 75. Other than air transportation, double indemnity will be paid for accidents which occur when riding as a fare-paying passenger on any public conveyance, in an elevator, or in a burning public building. Further services provided by The ACE Accident Guard Plan include worldwide emergency assistance services, such as medical evacuation and repatriation. This attention to detail and care for customers does not stop there, but applies across the ACE Life family. Discussing some of the employee initiatives at ACE Life, Lam said, “A lot of companies say that they put their people first, but at ACE Life, we go beyond that. We talk the talk and still walk the walk, especially with our fringe benefits for our employees. We make sure our employees maintain a healthy work/life balance by actively encouraging our people to logout of their computers and go home on the Work-Life Balance Day scheduled on a Friday each month. When it’s 6 o’clock, everyone should go home and spend time with their family.” “We also put great emphasis on our training and development programs. We have local training programs for our Hong Kong office, regional training programs across APAC, and finally global training programs with staff from across the world at our global headquarters in the USA. Depending upon the level of our staff, there are myriad opportunities to really advance their skills within our organization.” For these policies, ACE Life received an Outstanding Achiever Award for Employee Engagement, and in addition to helping employees maintain a healthy work/life balance, ACE Life is keen to encourage their employees to give back to their local communities To achieve this, Lam said that ACE Life runs a lot of charity events throughout the year, and also runs a regional day of service. “Last year we went to the countryside near Fanling and participated in some community initiatives with the farmers in the area.” “Throughout the year we emphasize not only being a great employee of ACE Life, but we also like to encourage our people to be good members of their communities and society,” said Lam. BM


安達人壽一方面既能讓客戶稱心滿意,同時亦能通過一系列創先河措施,讓員工感受到公司關顧。 安達人壽香港區總裁藍沛樂,分享了讓安達人壽就是與別不同的心得。
安達人壽香港區總裁 藍沛樂安達人壽香港區總裁 藍沛樂
安達人壽(Chubb旗下之公司)香港區總裁 藍沛樂表示:「在設計產品時,我們總是把客 戶利益放在首位。」他指安達人壽正是在開發 全新「薈聚成金」產品系列-包括安達「薈聚 成金“易”儲蓄計劃」及安達「薈聚成金“易” 萬用壽險計劃」-時堅持這思維,讓公司獲得 了今年度的《指標》財富管理大獎。「薈聚成 金」的產品包括人壽保險和儲蓄功能,更可 讓客戶在選擇繳費年期和繳費方式時更為靈 活性,同時亦提供更多選項及附加保障,以 滿足不同客戶的需要。《指標》財富管理大獎 的評審因此將「萬用壽險產品及退休產品同 級最佳獎」,頒予安達人壽。 談及安達人壽是如何開發這一產品系列時,藍沛樂說:「我們在設計『薈聚成金』產品系列時,會關注市場的需要,亦考慮前綫分銷部門的大量意見。而今年我們不只關注目前市場趨勢,還會思考香港市場未來的發展方向。」 「我們很重視壽險顧問與客戶之間的持續溝通,而我們的退休產品的設計構思,正是來自這些溝通。」 薈聚成金 安達人壽在設計「薈聚成金」產品系列時,就是堅持以客戶為中心的思維。安達人壽考慮到購買人壽保險產品客戶的多種需求,在設計該系列產品時,就納入了相當的彈性的設計:「此產品彈性極佳。例如,安達薈聚成金“易”儲蓄計劃可分五年、十年或二十年支付保費,提供保障、儲蓄和財富增值等功能,可用於退休、教育儲蓄、普通儲蓄、甚至支付按揭,這亦正是這系列產品最獨特之處。我相信今日市場會喜歡如此靈活的產品,特別是在現時的環球經濟境況下亦然。」 因著這些創新和靈活的產品,安達人壽亦獲頒「產品創新傑出表現獎」。談到這一動態過程時,藍沛樂引用一個例子說:「我們的產品設計流程經常堅持以客戶為先。其中一個產品就是「智全為您」意外保障計劃,能保障客戶到100歲,其中還包含免費贈送給受保人家庭一年意外死亡及意外傷殘保障。」 「此外,我們在咨詢了客戶的意見之後,又推出安達「友您心」意外保障計劃,提供飛行意外保障。若發生飛行意外,意外死亡及意外傷殘保障賠償金額將獲三倍賠償。這是我們對客戶意見及市場的回應。我們認為,這是讓安達人壽得以成為香港最優秀的保險供應商的原因之一。」 遠大保障 除了意外死亡可獲保障長達100歲以外,「友您心」意外保障計劃提供意外傷殘和完全及永久傷殘也能獲保障至75歲。另外,除航空交通外,如乘坐公共交通工具、在升降機廂內、或在發生火警的公共大廈內發生意外,可獲雙倍賠償。 「友您心」意外保障計劃提供的服務更包括全球範圍的緊急支援服務,例如得醫療護送返國。這種對細節及客戶的關注,更貫穿於整個安達人壽的大家庭之中。在談論到員工政策時,藍沛樂指:「很多公司自稱他們以人為本,但是在安達人壽,我們遠不止於此。我們真正做到言行一致,特別是為員工提供附加福利方面。我們確保員工保持健康的工作和生活的平衡,在每個月的一個星期五訂為工作與生活平衡日,鼓勵他們六點鐘準時下班,因為每一個人都需要回家陪伴家人。」
「我們還相當重視員工培訓和職業發展項目。我們有在香港分公司提供本地培訓項目,亦有在亞太地區提供培訓項目;另外美國的總部還有提供給世界各地員工的全球培訓項目。在公司內,不同級別員工都能找到能協助他們提高技能的培訓機會。」 安達人壽因著這些策略,亦奪得「員工參與度同級最佳獎」。除了幫助員工達到健康的工作和生活平衡之外,公司也極力鼓勵員工回饋本地社區,藍沛樂表示,安達人壽每年會舉辦大量慈善活動,並特設地區服務日:「去年我們就去了粉嶺鄉郊,與當地農民一起參與社區活動。」 「我們不僅鼓勵員工成為安達人壽的優秀份子,也鼓勵他們成為所在社區和社會的傑出公民。」BM